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Two Friends. Four Dogs.

Our journey began as two friends, four dogs and a passion for fine spirits. We started with a small still and a big dream, to make a spirit that we would enjoy but also proud to share.




My love affair with rum began around 1999 when a good friend brought back Centenario from Costa Rica. I had always gravitated towards sweeter drinks and had been drinking rum and cokes as my go to drink of choice. Centenario was what hooked me into fine spirits for sipping. From there its just grown. Whenever and wherever I travel I seek out liquor stores and local distilleries for some of my favorites I can’t get at home or something new, local or obscure. Whenever possible I surf. I spend as much time on the beach with my family and friends as possible. I love playing music and working on cars. And of course, hanging with our beloved Beagle, Olive.



I’m Olive, I’m an eight year old Beagle, also known as “Turbo Sausage.”
I was rescued by Chris and his family seven years ago. I had a rough start, I was hit by a car twice so I have a short, crooked tail and a little limp, but that doesn’t stop me from, well anything. That is until I just stare you down until you pick me up and put me on the bed or the couch. I love my humans and snuggle up whenever possible, burrowing under the covers at night. I’m the smallest of the Four Hounds, but I hold my own with the other guys, but try to stay clear of Tucker, he is a little much for me.

Our Spirits

Porch Dog

Our signature rum, which is based on traditional ingredients. This rum is a mix of demerara sugar, molasses, yeast, and water. A single distillation, we utilize an aroma basket filled with tropical dried fruits and locally roasted coffee. Once distillation is complete we then rest the liquor on dark toasted French oak before bottling. This process gives our rum a nice sweet rum nose and finishes off a little woody, giving it a nice balanced flavor and feel that both rum and whiskey/ bourbon drinkers will enjoy.

Sea Level

Named after the victory of finding out that when at Sea Level no additional math is needed for distilling calculations, this is our signature rum blended with port wine and a touch of vanilla. For those that like a slightly sweeter rum or something to sip on at the end of the day, this will be sure to please.

Over Proof

Our over proof rum is the heads and tails from the first distillation of our signature rum. Also known as the “Queen’s Share” this double distilled rum is made using the same ingredients in the aroma basket and rested on oak. It is a flavorful smooth rum with a kick, bottled at 100 proof a little goes a long way. Great for mixing in drinks or as floaters in your favorite frozen concoction.

Silver Rum

Yeast, water, molasses and sugar in the raw, that’s it. What you are tasting is the fermentation and distillation process in it’s all natural form. This is a single distillation rum, in which we utilize an aroma basket filled with topical dried fruits and locally roasted coffee during the distilling process. No added post fermentation sugar, no colors, no flavorings, just 100% all natural rum. Great for mixing a rum and coke or blending in a frozen drink.

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